Parkdale Green Thumb landscaping is basically about creating opportunities for people who have experienced barriers entering the world of productive work. The benefits extend way beyond those of earning a paycheque.”  

– Mark Cullen, The Toronto Star

PGTE is a Toronto landscaping social purpose enterprise that employs people who have faced barriers to employment due to mental health challengesParkdale Green Thumb Enterprises is a Toronto Landscaping Social Enterprise.

We create jobs and provide training for people who have experienced mental health issues, addiction and/or at risk of homelessness. 

This population experiences a 70-90% rate of unemployment in Toronto and across Canada. And yet, meaningful work is a key factor in determining a person’s recovery from mental health challenges. 

 What Is a Social Purpose Enterprise?

A social purpose enterprise is a business venture established by a not-for-profit organization that creates real economic opportunities, develops skills and fosters community for a specific group of people.

Balancing revenue generation and a social mission is know as the “double bottom line.” Revenues from PGTE’s landscaping business create employment and further business growth.

PGTE goes one step further to promote a TRIPLE bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. As an environmentally-friendly landscaping company, we make the financial, social and environmental impact of our business a priority.

We are a member of Social Enterprise Toronto.

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