Planet-friendly Streetscaping

PGTE offers planet-friendly streetscaping to Business Improvement Areas, commercial landscaping and interior office plant care - for every budget.PGTE installs flowers and greenery in large planters, hanging baskets and small gardens in order to give your Toronto neighbourhood or Business Improvement Area (BIA) a brighter and inviting look. We have won the TABIA award for streetscaping in 2014 and 2018 for our beautiful designs and maintenance!

Our garden crew will work to a maintenance schedules that fits your needs and ensures the health of your plants. Our hand-watering methods are environmentally-friendly and keep your flowers looking vibrant from Spring to Fall. We plant pollinator flowers whenever possible.

Interior Installations and Plant Maintenance

PGTE will recommend plants to accent your office’s architectural features, and respond to particular lighting conditions.

We will provide design and installation services as well as ongoing plant maintenance — watering, pruning and fertilizing— to keep your plants happy. We use all-natural, environmentally-friendly products and methods to keep your workspace healthy.


Commercial Groundskeeping

PGTE provides weekly lawn care and spring and fall clean-ups.  Our lawn and garden maintenance services include:

  • lawn mowing and trimming 
  • planting of annuals and perennials, reviving depleted urban soil with natural products
  • mulching of garden beds 
  • weeding and pruning 
  • removal of debris from walkways and gardens 
  • spring and fall clean-ups
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